HBO Max and Discovery Plus join forces

CEO David Zaslav has announced that HBO Max will join Discovery+ to create a single container that can compete with Netflix, Disney and Amazon Prime Video. The launch of the new platform, which currently does not yet have an official name, is scheduled for the summer of 2023 in America and early 2024 in Europe (only in countries with HBO Max). The goal is to reach 130 million subscribers in 2025 (currently 92.1 million subscribers to HBO Max, HBO and Discovery+), a business worth around one billion dollars a year. Now, the market is dominated by Netflix, which seems to have reached its maximum level with its 221 million subscribers; it follows Disney which, with Disney +, Hulu and Espn, has 205 million subscribers; Prime Video has 200 million subscribers, with different logics than previous platforms; Apple TV has 50 million subscribers; finally Paramount+ with 43 million. 

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