SOUNDTRACK Records is born

On December 19, 2022, with the release of the album “III Movimento – Extended Version” by the artist Tony Carnevale, our label, SOUNDTRACK Records, will officially be born.

We asked Massimo Pontoriero to tell us the reasons for this new adventure.

Q: What gave birth to SOUNDTRACK Records?
MP: In the digital age, many musical artists have become entirely independent: they can create their products, sell them online, promote them on social channels, manage fan relationships, sell concert tickets and merchandising…and this is fantastic.

But at what cost?

Artists no longer have the time to devote themselves to their true passion: making art, making music.

They are forced to develop:

  • Administrative skills to run their own business;
  • Legal skills to manage the complexity of copyright and relationships with collecting societies;
  • Marketing and communication skills to emerge, it is necessary to know the SEO mechanisms of search engines and how to juggle the increasing social media channels; moreover, they have to find the time to dedicate to the fans…


When can they create and play music?

In SOUNDTRACK, for almost 30 years, we have dealt with soundtracks and music applied to the various areas of radio and television, cinema, the web and other media.
This experience has allowed us to develop significant organizational, administrative and legal expertise, connecting with many composers and independent music producers.
They had been provoking us for some time: “since you help us so much with the soundtracks and we appreciate your fairness, why don’t you also help us with our artistic production?”
For years we have avoided answering and improvising in this field: we are committed only to what we can guarantee the quality of!
Then the pandemic arrived, and the international relationships forming around our company allowed us to participate in the most significant global seminars on digital music production, distribution and promotion.

That triggered the spark: imagine an agency devoted to supporting the artists in the incredible complexity of the digital world rather than simply aiming to sell a product…

That is SOUNDTRACK Records, a team helping artists to:
A) build and strengthen their brand identity;
B) control their artistic assets and make them available and usable in the best possible way on the digital market;
C) create and maintain a strong relationship with fan communities;
D) facilitate collaborations and featurings with other artists;
E) promote their products, physical or virtual, in an optimal way
F) effectively and transparently administer their copyright and related rights;
G) create and manage their events.

In summary: assisting the Artists in every activity, allowing them to concentrate on the creative and performative process, with a fair and transparent agreement.

Q: What kind of music does SOUNDTRACK Records offer?
MP: We got inspiration from the Motown Records model; however, while Gordy had the goal of creating commercial hits, we want to support projects of truth: If an artist offers us sincere works, whatever the genre, we are interested in.
There is only authentic or false music for us, rather than good or bad. Making it well-produced and well-managed is our task.
We started with Tony Carnevale because our encounter was quite ideal. On the one hand, his music, as well as being “sincere”, is the closest I could find to my passions: Symphonic roots, Rock, the Progressive music, which we both intend as an open and constantly evolving vision. That was easy! On the other, the person: scrupulous, honest and deeply dedicated to the artistic mission. With him, I share the attention to every detail, from the philosophical to the administrative ones, passing through every production refinement. Starting our collaboration required a personal investment of over a year, a tiring but really rewarding commitment. And all fans will be able to perceive it in his works that we will gradually publish.

Q: What services does SOUNDTRACK Records offer to Artists?
MP: When we select an Artist, be it a person or a band, our Marketing Team builds a dedicated Plan, analyzing all the characteristics that define the identity of the Artist; because only a strong and well-structured identity can emerge and survive in the vast digital market.
We complete the plan with a brand communication and promotion detailed program, including creating or revising the website and social channels most suitable for the Artist.
During this process, we can propose further support activities, from coaching and tutoring to the participation of artistic producers, up to the offer of training workshops for music creation and production based on the artists’ needs.
At this point, the Production Team comes into play, helping the Artist to define the artistic project (single, album, video, show, etc.) in each phase (pre-, production, post-, mix mastering, etc.) up to the finished Master, ready to be published.
For each starting project, the Marketing Team draws a specific Plan to provide it with identity and a promotion and communication program, which allows for preparing the ideal promotional campaigns based on the product characteristics.
Another major part of the process is facilitating collaborations with other artists.
Thus we arrive at planning the market release of the project, anticipating it with appropriate teasers and promos, advertising campaigns, reviews, interviews and everything necessary to obtain the best result: the creation and maintenance of an attentive and passionate Fandom, the true heritage of an Artist.

SOUNDTRACK Records – Alongside the Artists!


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