Advertising sales in television broadcasting in December 2022 increased by 11.1%, with almost 37 million more than in December 2021. Thanks to the World Cup broadcast by RAI (+84.5%, which brought 102.7 million in turnover in the month). Mediaset recorded a drop of -5.8% and La7 of -3%; Sky improved its December 2021 result with +1.8%; Discovery shows a tie with +0.1%.
After an initial declining trend, a slow but steady growth started in the middle of the year, leading until the end of 2022.
Only Discovery grew by almost +1% in 2022. Mediaset and La7 limited the loss with -3.2% and – 2.8%, respectively. RAI closes with -7.5%, while Sky with -14.3% compared to 2021.
As regards market shares, Mediaset increases its leadership with +1.2% reaching 56.1%; RAI loses 0.5% and positions itself at 20%; La 7 stable at 4.9%; Discovery rises to 7.6%; Sky loses 1.2 points obtaining 11.4%.

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